Tips & Tools


  1. Buy a pack of toothbrushes- if it falls on the floor, or elsewhere, you lose the “5 second rule” to this one. And we all know the toothbrushes from the front desk won’t clean a child’s tooth!
  2. Compression socks: If you are flying for 3 hours or more, you may want to put these on. It will help with circulation and cut back on bloating and swelling. Another tip in to walk the length of the plane 1-2x every hour to help circulation.
  3. Wear your heaviest shoes and layers on the flight. Easy to store and less weight on the check in.
  4. Invest in a convertible suitcase- one that is carry on size, but can expand to be a checked size.
  5. Protein bars…keep them in your handbag!
  6. Twitter- the quickest, easiest and most effective way to get in touch with an airlines customer service.
  7. Reuse hotel toiletries to meet TSA guidelines. Most hotel toiletries are 3.5 oz or smaller, which meet the regulations.
  8. Use a flatiron to touch up wrinkled clothing. And roll, not fold.
  9. Skip coffee, tea and tap water on the flight. Planes don’t have access to groundwater while in the air, so a truck delivers tap water before a flight and the storage tanks are not always thoroughly clean.
  10. Get cold on flights? Avoid the window seat. And, wear socks!
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