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My Person Travel (MPT) is not your typical “travel agency.” To be honest, not many people use that term anymore because it’s becoming obsolete. How many times have we heard… “Do people use travel agents anymore with the Internet?” The answer is YES! Smart, savvy people that travel high end, value personal touches, understand the power of relationships, want the best value and recognize their time is money DO!

We feel that Travel & Lifestyle Advisor is more appropriate for what MPT does. You have an “advisor” or a “person” for many areas of your life… financial planning, life insurance, life coach, house manager or cleaner, CPA, lawyer, etc. – why not travel? Your time is very valuable and it takes A LOT of time to plan travel. Where do you begin? That is where we come in!

Ideally, we would love to sit with you or schedule a call to discuss your travel goals just as you would discuss your finances with your advisor. You should look at travel as an investment in experiences that enhance your quality of life and well-being and factor those into your annual budgets.

MPT has partnered with the industry’s premier agency, Coastline Travel, who along with their tremendous buying power and their membership in Virtuoso, an invitation only network of the world’s best travel companies and advisors, we can offer you our personal  platinum relationships with the top hotels, resorts, spas, lodges, airline, cruise line and tour companies to provide you with incredible value and rare experiences that quite frankly you aren’t going to find online.

Our relationships are what sets us apart. From complimentary upgrades and amenities to special recognition and privileged access, MPT is available to book a one-night stay or a trip around the world and everything in between. Bother us! Even if it’s for a quick weekend getaway, if it is a four or five star property, we can almost always get some added value for our clients.

We specialize in vacation planning, specialty and passion travel, and high end meeting and incentive travel. Let our detail-oriented travel experts handle all the specifics and behind the scenes planning.

You have “a person” for everything else in your life, why not “my person” for travel? Go ahead- Call “My Person.”

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